Workshop Handouts

Talking with Kids About Books (and other Texts)

The Why, What, and How of Multimodal Literacies

Reading the Visual: Developing Readers’ Interpretive Strategies  

Essential Components of Reading Instruction

Inspiring Young Readers

Ten (10) Books and Counting!

Round Robin Reading and Other Perils of Reading Education

Multimodal Theories, Research & Pedagogy

Rethinking Educational Spaces

Revisiting the Foundations of the Reading Workshop

Picturebooks & Comprehension

The Reader’s Toolbox

Analyzing Picturebook Apps

Getting Started in the Reading Workshop

Small Group Instruction

The Reading Workshop: Creating Space for Readers & Reading

Teaching in Physical, Virtual, and Digital Spaces

What Still Matters in Literacy Education?

Reading Workshop 2.0: Teaching Reading in the Digital Age

Visual Literacies 

When Picturebooks Go Digital!

Building Capacity for Quality Literacy Instruction

Literature Discussions

The Writing Workshop: Creating Space for Writers & Writing in New Times

Boys & Literacy

Classroom Based Assessment: Coming to Know Readers and Writers