Digital Resources for Literacy and Media Pedagogy

Blogs – Weblogs

Blogs can be used in the classroom as:

    •    Parent communications – as a weekly newsletter

    •    A response to common readings

    •    Individual reading response notebooks

    •    A portfolio of students’ writing


    •    Can be used as a collaborative reader response log

    •    Creating “platform statements” – collaborative statements

    •    Project presentations – notetaking site


    •    Short audio or video clips that are published on the web

    •    itunes has organized may of these in their software interface

    •    can be used as a form or publication

    •    information dissemination

For creating podcasts


    •    Create “screencasts” that demonstrate computer procedures

    •    Contain audio – video – movement in one file

    •    Student assessment of video / visual data

Social Bookmarking Sites

    •    Allows people to share visited sites

    •    Organizes sites by interest – topic

    •    Highlight and comment on sites for others to review

    •    Search common sites

Reading Workshop 2.0 Tools